Plan of action for April

2016-03-29 14:12:14 by InkSummit

I have really enjoyed viewing all the amazing content sense rejoining the site, gonna try and post more artwork in april if time permits and work on getting veted..vetoed...vested..i'm gonna work on the letter v and finding out what it stands for. Hopefully it stands for verde cause that puke green junk is amazing on just about everything..

I decided to join again after about ten slow...originally joined for the video games and thats why I'm here again, you guys makes the amazing stuff I likes to play! Sense last time though this place is much more hefty I like it! Anyway I draw alot so don't have much in the way of content accept the occasional drawing and those should be torn up n shat on (constructivly) because I am a thick skinned so and so and I would do no less to your work if you plated it in front of me...well ima go have a look around pots n pans-Mister H